Kitty Up Initiative

Kitty Up: Where Honesty And Integrity Is A Top Priority

We at Kitty Up want you to know that we place a high priority on premium ingredients and honesty with our customers about what we use to create our nutritious cat products. 

After taking into consideration where we could best manufacture our functional cat treats, we settled on a facility in South Korea. 

Here’s Why. 

Unlike the U.S., South Korea is revolutionizing pet care and city officials have gone as far as to implement ingredient research teams solely for cat products. 

This fact is easy to see when you take a look at our ingredient list compared to products manufactured in the United States or other countries. 

We make sure that only ingredients with functional, nutritious qualities dominate our treat composition. And, you can trust us not to use any tricky marketing ploys often used by other pet product companies (such as ingredient splitting) to make it appear products are better than they actually are. 

Ingredient splitting is a dishonest marketing strategy used to mislead customers by dividing a more prominent (yet inferior) ingredient into smaller portions of similar items in order to artificially boost more superior ingredients (such as meat) to the top of the ingredient list. 

For example, an ingredient such as corn, could be split up on an ingredient list into corn gluten meal, corn flour, and whole ground corn. The smaller amounts push them further down the list, even though it may still make up the majority of a product.

In addition to keeping quality a priority, we work very closely with the R&D team and have created the Kitty Up Initiative which promises to deliver 110% Ingredient Transparency. That means that not only do we state every ingredient in our products, but also how much of each ingredient is present. 

Plus, we always make sure our manufacturing partners are HACCP, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified.

We don’t believe in adding unnecessary ingredients or artificial fillers just to save costs or make products look better. We promise that when you purchase a Kitty Up product, we’ve done our best to bring together premium nutrition and optimal function in the best way we know how in order to keep your furry friends looking and feeling their best.

We truly believe that this should be the dominating industry standard and we are doing our best to pave the way for a more honest and transparent production of pet products.

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