Why is my cat not covering his poop?

I have a male siamese cat that I fostered from 6 weeks old and ended up adopting. He came to me with his sister who was half his size. You may know of him as the face of our brand Kitty Up. His name is Atticus and he has NEVER covered his poop and I needed to find out WHY!

It's a common question from cat owners: why doesn't my cat cover his poop? We're here to answer that question and explain what it means for your kitty's health. 

Some cats are so fastidious that they bury their waste as soon as they finish using the litter box.
But other cats don't cover their poop and you may be wondering why.  

Cats are fastidious by nature, so you can be sure that your cat is covering his poop for a reason. Wild cats have enemies in the form of larger felines, which prey on smaller members of their species. Because it's better to leave no scent trail that might attract predators, wild felines bury their waste.

Why do our domesticated kitties still cover their stools? It depends on whether they're indoor or outdoor cats and what kind of litter box they use. A large percentage of indoor-only pets don't cover up after using the toilet because they are not exposed to any predators (and there's no evidence suggesting that dogs will eat cat poop). In addition to being an instinctual drive when in danger, this behavior may also be linked with territorial marking or communicating with other cats who visit your home — making sure everyone knows who owns this area! If you have an outdoor cat who uses an uncovered box filled with pea gravel or pine shavings as his toilette du jour, there could be many reasons why he doesn't bury his business: maybe he enjoys digging around through those crunchy crystals before retiring for some nap time; maybe he just likes smelling his own feline funk wafting into the air like perfume from a Chanel bottle; maybe he thinks it makes him look cool when people come over—who knows?

There is nothing wrong with your cat if he doesn't cover his poop. In fact, one study indicates that there is a connection between a cat's personality and whether it covers its poop or not. 

-Cats that cover their poop are more likely to be shy.
-Cats that don't cover their poop are more likely to be bold.

This isn't always the case—there are some exceptions—but it's surprising how often you can tell what type of cat you have just by observing its potty habits! There's another factor at play here: social interaction. Less-shy cats are more likely to bury their waste than less-shy ones; dominant cats tend not to bother at all and just leave it out in the open for everyone else to see (and smell). 

Your cat may not cover up his poop if he doesn't like the litter you're using. 

The first thing you should do when trying to figure out why your cat doesn't cover up his poop is consider what type of litter you're using. This can be a huge deal for some cats and they simply won't cover up their poop if they don't like the litter you've chosen. If this sounds like your cat, try gradually introducing a new type of litter into his routine before making any big changes. 

If you've recently made a change in the type of box or brand of litter that you use with your pet and it hasn't helped matters at all, there's another possibility: maybe he just doesn't know how to cover up his poop! Cats don't instinctively know about covering their waste—they learn this behavior from their mothers as kittens (and then practice it when no one is watching). If your kitty is still young, it might not be surprising if he hasn't gotten around to learning this particular trick yet; however if he's an adult but still refuses to cover up after eliminating in his box, then there may be something else going on here beyond simple ignorance on his part. 

It could be that there is something wrong with the litter box such as it being too small, dirty or in a noisy location that causes your cat to no longer cover his poop.

One of the most common reasons why a cat won't cover their poop is because the litter box is not being used for its intended purpose. A cat will only use a litter box if it's clean, comfortable and quiet.

     -Is the litter box too small? If so, your kitty may see it as inadequate to do its business in.
     -Is there too much noise around the area where you have placed your cat's litter box? Cats are naturally
      shy creatures and noises can easily frighten them away from things like their toilette areas.

If these conditions apply to your pet, then we recommend trying out one of these tips:

     -Place your cat's litter box in a quiet area of the house.
     -Ensure that the litter box is not too small for your cat (try out different sizes to see which one they prefer).
     -If possible, try using an enclosed litter box or one with high sides.

It's possible that your cat isn't covering his poop because he is ill or in pain and this behavior change is a sign for you to take him for a veterinary visit. 

If you think your cat is ill or in pain, it's time to see your veterinarian. 

Signs of illness include lethargy, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. If your cat is experiencing any of these symptoms, take him to the vet as soon as possible. 

To tell if your cat is in pain:

     -Does he vocalize more than usual? Cats don't have much of a vocabulary for communicating their
      feelings so if you notice him meowing more often than normal, it could be because he hurts somewhere
      on his body.

     -Is he walking with an unusual gait? Pay close attention when taking your kitty outside; does he seem to
      favor one limb over another? A limp could indicate that something is wrong with his paws
     (like an abscess) or possibly even arthritis in older cats that may need medication from a vet before
     they can get around normally again! 


We hope this article helps you understand why your cat no longer covers his poop. If you have any questions or would like to share your experience with us, please comment.