Where Nutrition Meets Function

We had no idea how helping a few backyard cats would lead us on the incredible Kitty Up journey.

After rescuing and fostering a few strays in the backyard, a momma cat in especially bad shape showed up one day. After giving birth to the kitties, her health took a sharp decline. While we were able to get all the kittens into forever homes, the vet gave us the bad news that there was little hope for the mom and recommended that we euthanize.

Believing that there had to be something we could do, my mom bought some lickable cat treats as a last-ditch effort to save her life. Miraculously, the momma cat slowly started to eat and she soon became the healthy and strong cat we knew she could be.

This event spurred on a flurry of research in the cat industry where we noticed that most ingredients in cat treats had nothing to do with nutrition or function with very little innovation for decades.

This became a passion and my mom asked me (a natural food & beverage product expert for humans with 15+ years of experience) if I wanted to partner with her to start a cat product company and that’s how Kitty Up was born!

At Kitty Up we are committed to creating nutritious cat treats that actually promote health and healing in our feline friends. Even our mascot, Atticus, my foster fail, and his sister Scout, who we sadly lost to FeVL, helps inspire the vision that keeps us trudging ahead to fulfill our passion.

Whether you’ve got cats of your own, take in rescue cats, or open your home to fostering cats, we’re here to make it easy for you to give your furbabies nutritious, functional and healing pet products and help them thrive.

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