1.  WHERE IS KITTY UP MADE?  Kitty Up is made in South Korea.  South Korea is revolutionizing pet care and we work with top research labs and manufacturing facility to make the best cat products possible.  Our manufacturing partner is  HACCP, ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 Certified.  We do not use fillers, artificial flavors, artificial colors or dyes and we do not engage in the practice of ingredient splitting.  Please click here to learn about Ingredient Splitting.

2.  WHY IS KITTY UP TUNA PURÉE SO STINKY?  Our Multivitamin Purées for cats quite fishy and stinky because we use real tuna and we do not use any fillers or starches which would make the product less stinkier.  

3.  WHY IS KITTY UP TUNA PURÉE RUNNY?  Our Multivitamin Purée is definitely runnier than other brands.  This is due to the fact that we do not use any starch or other thickeners to thicken our products.  Our Multivitamins for cats are filled with good for cats vitamins and minerals.

4.  WILL THERE BE OTHER FLAVORS FOR THE PURÉE TREAT?  We are currently working on another flavor.  Please sign up for our newsletter to be first pawrents to find out!