Nutrition Meets Function

The Perfect Liquid vitamins for cats

in the form of purée cat treat.

Beautiful orange cat eating cat vitamins and supplements loaded with omega-3 fatty acids that is great for skin and coat.
Gray and white ragdoll kitten enjoying supplements for cats in the form of puree with tuna.


The cat's out of the bag. Kitty Up is the new solution for Cat vitamins and supplements disguised in the form of PurÉe cat treat. Designed by experts, Kitty Up supplements for cats is the perfect combination of premium ingredients and multivitamins that will improve your cat's overall health including skin and coat. The fish flavor from real tuna is irresistible to our feline friends.  It's the best Liquid Vitamin for Cats! 

The Best Vitamin for cats and senior cats 

Are you looking for the best vitamins for senior cats?

Kitty Up Multivitamin Purée formula includes vitamins and minerals  with L-Lysine, an amino acid that helps boost your cat’s immune system as well as taurine, which is critical for heart health. Another key ingredient in Kitty Up Multivitamin Puree is Frutooligosaccaride, or FOS. This naturally occurring prebiotic fiber supports digestive health by promoting healthy bacteria growth in your cat’s intestines. It’s especially beneficial for cats with sensitive stomachs and those who have trouble digesting food properly. On top of these key amino acids, Kitty Up Multivitamin Purée has a combination of Omega-3, Vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, D3, And E.  If you're looking for cat vitamins and supplements that will boost your cat's overall health including skin and coat, look no further.   Kitty Up multivitamin purée is a Liquid vitamin for cats and the best part is that cats love it!

3 illustrations of fish that is going to improve your cat's skin and coat with Omega-3 fatty acids.


REAL TUNA 5.32 G 11.8%
High Protein

illustration of fish with omega-3 fatty acids on the bottome.

280 MG

Supports cardiovascular health, skin health, kidney support, joint support and promotes good brain health

FOS symbol.


Helps our felines maintain a healthy digestive tract. FOS is a non-digestible, soluble source of fiber for your Cats, which also helps to absorb minerals.

taurine benefits for cats

140 MG 

boost physical andmental well being. Critical for vision, digestion and heart muscle function.  

L-Lysine is a critical supplements for cats and definitely part of senior cats vitamins and minerals.

140 MG

Helps maintain a healthy immune system to ward off infections and illnesses.

Fish flavor vitamins and supplement that cats love in the form of lickable cat treats.

mixture of minerals and vitmains are essential nutrients to keep our felines' minds and bodies functioning at the most optimal level

Black and white cat enjoying senior cat vitamins.


White and orange cat licking liquid cat vitamins in the form of lickable cat treat puree

Our kits loooove these treats and Mommy does, too! It feels good to give treats with the bonus of healthy L-lysine

My senior cat has been on a crusade to live a healthier and leaner lie.  Although it took over a year, he's lost about 5 pounds.  As a reward, I bought him these treats, and he could not devour it fast enough.  I actually like that they come in a tube so that we can control how fast and how much is eaten at once 9 which is how he got fat in the first place).  I will definitely continue to purchase them as special treat.

Domestic short hair cat enjoying wet food tube.

My cat absolutely love these.  I especially love that they have L-Lysine in them because the vet said Cosmo should boost his immune system.  He hated the hard lysine treats becauase he's super picky with treat but he comes running for thee every time

Beautiful fluffy cat eating liquid cat vitamins.
vitamins for cats in puree cat treat form.

Steel City Adventure Cats

I truly can't say enough good things about Kitty Up, but I'll start by saying that I'm so thankful I found this company.  W use these squeeze tube treats for everything (but in the past have purchased from larger corporations and not this incredible small business).  We use them for hiding medication, to feral cat/kitten socialization, to just a fun treat for our own resident cats.  When these arrived and I saw they had added vitamins/minerals including Lysine?  SOLD!

L-Lysine is a necessity in rescue.  Nearly all cats born outside to unvaccinated mothers who then end up in a shelter or foster home-end up with respiratory/immune issues.  The lysine-treats on the market just aren't appealing to most cats, and trying to get them to eat the lysine from a tube is a nightmare.  Our cats scarfed these treats down the same way they do with their regular squeeze tubes that have no added health value.  I could have cried tears of joy!

Still need convinced?  This isn't a huge corporation.  It's a family owned small business who foster and rescue themselves.  Need I say more?  Let's support this company!

We are fans for life and will be recommending these to our adopters and rescue friends, as well as using them regularly in our home.