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Most cat treats are filled with binders and fillers with very little ingredients that serve a purpose.  Natural Flavors?  

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"I truly can’t say enough good things about KittyUp, but I’ll start by saying that I’m so thankful I found this company."

"We use these squeeze tube type treats for everything (but in the past have purchased from larger corporations and not this incredible small business). We use them for hiding medication, to feral cat/kitten socialization, to just a fun treat for our own resident cats. When these arrived and I saw they had added vitamins/minerals including Lysine? SOLD!"

"L-Lysine is a necessity in rescue. Nearly all cats born outside to unvaccinated mothers who then end up in a shelter or foster home- end up with respiratory/immune issues. The lysine treats on the market just aren’t appealing to most cats, and trying to get them to eat the lysine gel from a tube is a nightmare. Our cats scarfed these treats down the same way they do with their regular squeeze tubes that have no added health value. I could have cried tears of joy!"

"Still need convinced? This isn’t a huge corporation. It’s a family owned small business who foster and rescue themselves. Need I say more? Let’s support this company!"

"We are fans for life and will be recommending these to our adopters and rescue friends, as well as using them regularly in our home."

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I purchased these for my mom as she has a few cat of various ages and as soon as she opened the first tube they caught the scent and came running! I've bought other brands before with mixed results as cats can sometimes be a bit finicky but all of them loved these new treats. I will definitely be buying these again!


I have to admit that I wasn't sure if my cats were going to like these but I am happy to say that they love these. Every time I go to open one up my Alley bear is ready and waiting to get a lick and pretty much steal the whole thing from mom. It's pretty funny and I always have to open up another so that Winnie has her own too.


My two kittens can't get enough of it! I five one stick to the both and they just bump their heads together lapping up the treat. When push up the treat it sometimes falls on your fingers if you push too hard but don't worry - the kittens will be licking your fingers clean! They are great little treats for your cats!


My poor bud is at the end of life, so I needed to find something to help him take pills. Don't know if he would take his pill with this. But, he takes his pill easier knowing that this treat is the next item on the agenda. He has come to ask for it. Over our 15+ years together, I've tried LOTS of cat treats. None of which he would even try. He LOVES this! I've ordered the largest size so that I can spoil him during his last days. I'm very cautious about buying animal items not sourced in the US. But, he loves this.

Living in Grace

My cat's cannot get enough of this stuff/ We call it fish-yogurt, cause it reminds me of that yogurt in a tube. Open 1 tube & I have 3 cats all tryin to get a lick, such adorable chaos! The little tube clip makes it much easier to get the stuff out. The extra vitamins really helped with my under-weight kitten. Rescued off the streets, it help her get healthy again.