With the continually increasing indiences of chronic infectious diseases such as Feline Herpesvirus, Kitty Up has been a wonderful addition to our regimen. Cats really seem to love the product and it really helps to reduce the infectious burden.

Dr. Steve Manyak President & Lead Veterinarian Pine Aminal Hospital, INC.



Sucrose is converted into Fructooligosaccharide (FOS).To convert sucrose into fructooligosaccharides, an enzymatic process is typically employed. This process involves the use of specific enzymes, such as fructosyltransferases, which can break down sucrose and create new bonds between fructose molecules.The resulting fructooligosaccharides are used as prebiotics, which are beneficial bacteria in the gut, promoting digestive health.

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What the MEOW


We noticed that one of our cats just seems to get a lot of dandruff, so we ordered a couple bags of the Multivitamin Purée tubes after hearing that one of our friend’s cat had been trying them and getting less and less dandruff. After three months, we have noticed less dandruff on our cat, and the plus-side is that she looks forward to eating the purée every lunchtime!



My 7month old kitty loves this treat! I was looking for the best puree treat I could give her and glad I found Kitty Up! Thank you for also sending over samples of the chicken breast and smelt! She also loves those, and I was shocked since she was not interested in the minnow fish I got her. I already bought the large bundle with all three treats!



I bought this because it was easier to get it online than make a trip to a mall 1 hour away to get cats treats. This definitely smells fishy, but my four cats love it! Super easy to store, use and considering I have four cats, seems to go a long way. (given when I'm leaving the house to go somewhere). I think I prefer these over the crunchy snacks they used to get. All four cats will eat this no problem. Great for crate training mine before a long trip too.

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At Kitty Up, we're on a heartfelt mission dedicated to caring for our feline friends in every paw-step of their journey. Our passion lies in nurturing cats with health concerns, ensuring our beloved furry companions stay in optimal health, and extending a helping hand to stray cat populations in need.


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Black Cat

Do Black Cats Bring Good Luck?

May 09, 2022 Kitty Up Krew
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Stacey Rhee

Founder / C.E.O

20 plus yrs. in The Natural Food & Beverage CPG
Neonatal Kitten Foster Experience w/FeLV, CKD, GI Cats

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Kristin Wuhrman


20 years experience in Animal Health Industry I Entrepreneur, feline expert and veterinary thought leader
Basepaws (acquired by Zoetis, 2022) | CATalyst Council | Trupanion | Wild Earth | VCA Vetstreet; | Ceva | Zoetis

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Ellen Carozza


LVT, VTS (CP-FELINE) (3 in the World)
The Cat LVT I Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation NAVTA Recognized I VTS I AAFP Basepaws (acquired by Zoetis, 2022)
DVM360 & Chewy Health 2023 Vet Tech of the Yr.

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Kara Burns


MS, MEd, LVT, VTS (nutrition)
Founder & Past President Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Technicians
PresidentPet Nutrition Alliance